Reviewed by Kristine Claybrook, Staff Writer

I'll Be Seeing You written by Jerry Borrowman

As the Depression worsens, a distant war draws near. Dan O�Brian finds he is once again embroiled with the inner conflicts he had hoped were far behind him after returning from World War I. Dan holds a strong convictions that the United States should stay out of the new war� because this time it is his son, Cory, whose life could be threatened by a foreign menace. But convictions can change.

Through his work as a musician, Dan finds an unlikely new friend in Josh Brown, a man who challenges Dan�s view of the world. And though both men share a common tragic link to the past, event of the future will soon forever bind the two men�s families together.

In an era where the future is an uncertain as it is exciting, Cory O�Brian and Nathan Brown know they must defend freedom, just as their fathers have done. What they don�t yet understand are the human costs of war� to those in the battle and those at home.

This is a fascinating work of historical fiction that brings the second world war to life for the reader. The kinship between pilots and co-pilots as well as the immense responsibilities of both pilots and sailors were brought to light as each suffered and succeeded through ultimate trials. This not only portrays the difficulties of the war, but also the hope, the courage and even the romance that can happen when good people are just doing what they can to follow what they know is right. This novel is an excellent educational, yet enjoyable read.