Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

One Bright Shining Hope Messages for Women by Gordon B. Hinckley

This little book of inspiring messages for women from President Hinckley is so beautiful. Each page has a quote from the Prophet paired with a picture of nature. These pictures are breathtaking, some of the most gorgeous I've seen. For some reason, the pairing of the pictures with the quotes brings such a sense of reverence and peace to me, strengthening my testimony and my resolve. This book reminded me yet again at how much I love President Hinckley and how much he loves every one of us. After reading this, no one could ever question how much the Prophet loves and respects women.

I will share just one quote from the book. "It is so tremendously important that the women of the Church stand strong and immovable for that which is correct and proper under the plan of the Lord. They must begin in their own homes. They can teach it in their classes. They can voice it in their communities. They must be the teachers and the guardians of their daughters. When you save a girl, you save generations. I see this as the one bright shining hope in a world that is marching toward moral self-destruction."