Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

Come, Come Ye Saints by Heidi Swinton

I really enjoy talks on CD. Since I'm a busy mom, it's perfect for me to be able to listen to these talks as I'm driving around town. It makes me feel like I am still able to get an inspirational message in during my hectic life. "Come, Come Ye Saints," a fireside talk given by Heidi Swinton is worth the listen. She recounts the story of the tragedy of the handcart companies and applies those lessons they learned to us in our day. She talks about the positives amidst so many negative, awful trials. It is a message of hope and inspiration.
One thing I loved is that I heard new details of that trek I had never heard before. She read journal entries from pioneers that were there that I would not otherwise be honored to hear. The only negative thing I can say about this CD is that it is not the best quality taping, but that didn't bother me after the first 5 minutes when she got going into her talk. The content is what counts, and the content is great.