Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Who's Your Hero? Volume 2 by David Bowman. Published by Deseret Book.

"Who's Your Hero? Volume 2 teaches how children ages 3 and up can be like Alma, Enos, and Helaman's stripling warriors in their everyday lives. Full-color, fun illustrations will keep the attention of pre-readers. Volume 2 Book of Mormon stories include: "Helaman's Warriors Respect Their Parents," "Enos Sincerely Prays," and "Alma Apologies." Family home evening ideas and activities are also featured at the end of each story. Who's Your Hero? is ideal for teaching children to love the Book of Mormon!"

Okay, I have to tell you that both my immediate and extended family LOVES these books!! My extended family has a hero of the month. For Example, they read one of the stories, then they proceed to say, "Enos Prays Sincerely," in every situation that would require praying sincerely.

In our family, we use all the helps in between each chapter to form our entire family home evening on nights when things are hectic and we don't have time to prepare. We all laugh and enjoy it immensely. These books are perfect for all ages. Here's what my 7 year old nephew Michael thinks of Volume 2, "it is really good." My 8 year old son Kyle thinks, "it is really awesome." So there you have it.