Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Christmas In Haggarty by Betsy Brannon Green. Published by Covenant Communications,Inc.

"`Tis the season, and in Haggertty, Georgia, that means Christmas programs, caroling, front-decorating contests, and plenty of festive food to share with yours sometimes eccentric neighbors. Not everyone, however, has caught the Christmas spirit. Kate Iverson doesn't want to accept that there will be more babies in her future, even though her doctor is certain that her childbearing years are behind her.
Despite her discouragement, a recurring dream has Kate convinced that there is yet work for her to do. Through faith, prayer, and the assistance of inspired friends, Kate soon becomes part of a modern Christmas miracle- and learns a powerful lesson about the true meaning of Christmas."

Once again, another great book about Haggerty, Miss Eugenia, Kate & Mark Iverson, and Annabelle. These characters are larger than life and this short story manages to convey a sense of what is really important at Christmas through these personalities. If you have read any of the other novels by Betsy Brannon Green and enjoyed them, then you will truly enjoy this book as well.