The Counterfeit

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

The Counterfeit by Robison Wells. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

"Eric and his girlfriend Rebekah believe they are safe hiding under the witness protection program. But when a bomb explodes, nearly killing them, they know they must rely on themselves to find out who has infiltrated the FBI. Their shocking conclusion leads them on a dangerous chase. Eric and Rebekah are battling the powers behind a financial conspiracy that has lasted hundreds of years � and may only end with the destruction of mankind.

Nearly out of time, their pursuit of the truth sweeps them to a centuries-old English estate, and then plummets them into the dark catacombs of Paris. It�s now up to the unprepared duo to unravel clues that could save the world from a catastrophic war. However, as they take action, they must ask themselves if the end can ever justify the devastating means they are considering."

I love this author. It takes me a lot to laugh out loud while reading, but this author always does it. The story started in "Wake Me When It's Over." I tried to read "The Counterfeit" first and I was very confused, so I recommend reading the previous one first. I love how the characters are so real. They always think and act like everyday people, for example, they say stupid things, they occasionally embarrass themselves and they have insecurities. I love that.

"The Counterfeit" is a detailed story that starts out fairly lighthearted and grows in complexity throughout. The plot is suspenseful, filled with mystery and intrigue, and you do wonder how the characters are going to get through this. Definitely read "Wake Me When It's Over" first, but after that you will enjoy the conclusion.