Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

We Believe: Articles of Faith music CD and flashcards game by Robert C. Bowden and Jennette Guymon-King

Even though these two products about the Articles of Faith are by two different people, I thought pairing them up was the best way to teach the Articles of Faith to my children. We started just the other night for Family Home Evening. In the short time of 15 minutes, my kids had learned the first three.

First, we used the flashcards to teach them what the Articles of Faith said. The flashcards have adorable pictures that are easy for kids to trigger their memories about what goes in what order. Then I played the CD of the first three Articles of Faith songs. It was great to reinforce what I had just taught my children. They were able to sing along while they pointed at the flashcards at the same time. I felt like it really cemented those into their memory. If we do that from time to time, I think they will have them down quickly. Combining the pictures with the music is a fantastic way to memorize. I was very excited that even I will be able to brush up on the Articles of Faith that I memorized long ago!

The flashcards also have different games that can be played with them. We have not tried those yet, but I'm sure when the kids learn all of them, that will be a great way to keep them retained. I'm grateful we have tools like these available for better learning.