Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

Christ's Second Coming & Millennial Reign - Talks on CD by Randall C. Bird

I didn't realize how little I knew about the Second Coming until I listened to Randall Bird's talks on CD. There were fascinating points presented that I never had heard before. Brother Bird takes us on a journey through the major events of the Second Coming. One thing in particular I had never heard very much about was the meeting that will occur at Adam-ondi-Ahman. I never understood that before and now I have this intense wish to be present at that meeting.

One important point he emphasizes is that we should be looking forward to the Second Coming and preparing for it instead of dreading it or worrying about what will happen to us. It will be a joyous time and probably the most glorious time to be on the earth. I was left with such a positive taste in my mouth of the Second Coming and again, the wish to be here when the time comes.

The only negative thing I will say about this set is that the first and second talks are very similar. He uses a lot of the same material in both talks. The second one does have some different material, but there is a lot of the same as the first.