Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

Healing the Wounded Soul by Jack R. Christianson

There is one major, thought-provoking theme throughout this talk on CD by Brother Christianson. When someone we know in our lives is acting out, would our hearts change to know that they are acting out not because they want to be bad, but because they are wounded? I've been thinking about this so much after listening to this talk. It's so easy to be judgmental of others, especially if we don't know the reasons why people act the way they do. If we change our thinking to the knowledge that they have been wounded in the past and are doing the best they can with the wounds they carry, it can change our hearts. Those people need more of our patience and our love, not less. Withdrawing our love for them will not help them.

I know that personally, I'm going to strive to implement this thinking into my daily living, so I will not be so quick to judge or to protect myself and realize that I may not have any idea what deep wounds that person may have. Brother Christianson gives an eye-opening analogy about his dog that is not to be missed. His talk is full of love and Christ-like living.