Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

Stand Your Ground by Diana H. Hoelscher. Published by Covenant Communications.

This is the first talk given by Diana Hoelscher that I have heard, and I was impressed with her abilities as a public speaker. As I listened to her, I visualized a young, vibrant, cheerleader-like person. I have no idea what she is really like in real life, but that's the kind of energy she puts off, the kind of energy the youth love to listen to.

In "Stand Your Ground", Diana talks about ways in which Satan tries to get to her. She gives examples from the scriptures and teaches us how we can resist Satan's enticings. I think this message about how to resist Satan is so very important in this generation. The more aware the youth are of his tactics, the better prepared they will be to win their battles with him. She left me with a real sense of wanting to be better in many different areas in my life.