Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

Hard Won Wisdom: Advice for a Richer Life from the Greatest Generation by Susan Arrington Madsen and Ruth Harris Swaner Published by Deseret Book.

For some reason, I've always been fascinated by stories from the older generations. I find it amazing how much times have changed and how much we take for granted. There are a lot of wonderful things to learn from our elders, those who have had a whole lifetime of experiences. "Hard Won Wisdom" has excerpt after excerpt of solid, strong advice from those who lived or are living to be 80, 90, and even 100. The authors obtained this advice from many different people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. They talk about so many different aspects of life from starting married life and helping one another to dealing with the death of a spouse or loved one and how to deal with regrets in life.

One of the things I loved about this book was that each piece of advice listed was not more than a page long, so I could sit down and read just one if that's all I had time for, or I could read many of the entries in a row. One thing this book did for me was to cause me to reflect on what I'm currently doing in my life. It made me think about what I will look back on when I am in the twilight of my life. What did I accomplish? Who did I affect? What legacy did I leave?