Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

In Search of Heaven by Anita Stansfield. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

Really, all I have to say is, this is the newest Anita Stansfield book. From that statement you could probably figure out a few different things. One, that this book is a part of a series, which happens to be called the Barrington Family Saga - her newest series and this is Volume One. It is set in England in 1838 on an English estate. Two, you could also figure out that it is a romance. And it is. A very good one. It does have a few more intimate details than most of her books, but is done very tastefully with a beautiful explanation in the Foreword at the beginning of the book. The third thing you could figure out from my previous statement is, it's addicting. Most of Anita Stansfield's books grab you from the beginning and don't let go. That would be the same with this one. I was swept into it from the first paragraph and I have to say - it is really good.

I do feel that I should give a brief warning. This book does contain some adult subject matter. I state this so that readers know that this is a book geared more toward adults and maybe late teenagers.