Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

The Independence Club by Rachel Ann Nunes. Published by Deseret Book.

Every woman needs a group of women to be her confidantes, best buddies, cheerleaders, help and support. In "The Indepence Club" five women have exactly that. A group of women that understand their individual, single situations and are there to support each other. Maxine is 62 years old and doesn't ever want to be married again, but her gentleman friend thinks differently. Tina was freed from years of abuse when her husband died. Can she put her past behind and love again? Evie thinks she hates the woman that stole her husband from her. Rosalva thinks that she knows what she wants, and it has nothing to do with Willard Oakman. Bernice thinks that one should never marry again, but ends up with the biggest secret of them all.

I love books about women and their groups. This is a fun read, full of romance, friendship, overcoming obstacles, and teaching the rest of us to be there for each other. We learn that it doesn't matter our different ages - we can all be what another needs. I love Rachel Ann Nunes books, and this one certainly does not disappoint.