Reviewed by Mark Jacobsen, Staff Writer

"A Privilege" by Ty Turley-Trejo. Published by Ty Turley-Trejo.
Rating: 5/6 stars

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When I first received this album knowing that it was an inspirational piano arrangement of some hymns, I had little hope that I would find nothing more than some nice playing of the same old things that we hear from most pianists who release “inspirational piano arrangements of some hymns” albums. I was so thrilled upon a first listen to find how wrong I was to have such “little hope”. Ty Turley-Trejo has delivered something that many of us have been hoping and even pining for for a very long time. Ty’s debut album “A Privilege” is a truly unique and refreshing piece of work.

I knew I was in for a treat when he ended the opening track with a blue-noted jazz chord that many in the LDS music community would not even dare (or perhaps, better said, would not even know how to do) put at the end of an “I Hope They Call Me On A Mission / Called To Serve” medley. For me, though, it makes me want to put a few extra missionary pass-along cards in my shirt pocket! It’s brilliant!

As Ty then ventures into standards such as “I Need Thee Every Hour”, “Where Can I turn For Peace?”, and “Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words”, he does them in such a way as to make them very recognizable, and even hum-able, yet he still manages to take you places you do not expect, and all to great effect. One of the shining moments, though, is his take on “If You Could Hie To Kolob”. This melody fits like a glove with Ty’s style of playing and arrangement. He makes it all his own. Where he gets his ideas that he throws into this arrangement, I have no idea, but I certainly hope he goes there often.

The album ends tastefully on some of his own compositions with vocals, including a very beautiful tribute to the Martin Handcart Company called "Privilege To Pay", which he also sings. This song has all the hallmarks of an LDS inspirational classic. I would not be surprised to find this song being sung in chapels for years to come. Its melody alone is very moving.

This is a debut album that needs to be heard. I would give it a 6 star rating, but I do not believe that this is the best we will get from Ty Turley-Trejo. So, I am giving it a 5 out of 6 stars. Get it, get it, get it!

Go to to find out how to buy Ty’s “A Privilege” album and for booking information.

Fortunately I also had “a privilege” to speak with Ty Turley-Trejo and ask him a few questions. Please enjoy:

Where did you grow up?
Temecula, CA (South Riverside County)

When and how did you get involved with music?
At 7.5 yrs old I started music lessons on piano and it evolved from there. I started writing at age 14. The first time I performed one of my own compositions was my junior year in high school.
I was more involved in sports during High School, so I did not do much music except at church. I would have liked more exposure, but no one knew I played piano unless they were LDS. It has always been a passion for me. Most of my early writing was just instinctive. I would improvise a lot which would get me in trouble at church.

What were some of your musical influences?
I listened to music, but nothing that was a passionate thing until later.
Taking music theory has really opened my eyes. Classical, romantic and
impressionist composers have been amazing to me.
I have been listening to Stravinsky a lot; I just wrote a song called “Blue Cold Room” and that influence is definitely coming through. The minor-major chord structures in Stravinsky's music have really opened my ears. It's such a shock at first to the listener, but then I try to build a melody off of it and people come to an appreciation.
So these are just some examples of what music education has done for me as a

What do you like to listen to now?
Mostly classical music right now. I really enjoy soundtrack music, John Williams
and Howard Shore.
Now I really like Billy Joel, Counting Crows and some old classic rock.
I am really getting into old school rock. Some punk rock even.
Jazz - everything Gershwin!! If could ever write chord progressions like Gershwin.
Cole Porter, Irving Berlin...

What are some of your music career goals?
I want to be an artist and singer/songwriter, but not predominantly LDS.
I am currently writing my 2nd album which is not religious per se'.
Would love to do soundtrack music.

What are some of your other interests?
Sports. I grew up in an athletic family.
Teaching. I would like to get into education. A lot of social change can happen
through good educators.
I am very philosophical and enjoy talking about stuff from that perspective.

Many thanks to Ty for his time. -Mark J.