Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Strangling Your Husband is Not an option by Merrilee Browne Boyack. Published by Deseret Book.

This book is by the same author of "The Parenting Breakthrough", my all-time favorite parenting book. I knew that if "The Parenting Breakthrough" was good, this one would be too. I wasn't wrong. What a great book for strengthening marriages! Merrilee Boyack has a gift for stating common sense ideas, practical advice, while being amusing and light hearted. It is great in the fact that it doesn't come across pompous and condescending but instead, she presents things in such a way that you know she realizes the problems that can occur in marriages and has been there herself.

This book teaches many concepts - one is that understanding men can lead to happier marriages. Another chapter focuses on following do's and don't's of being a wife and how to be more fun to live with. I particularly liked how she talks about how important it is to not spend time 'husband-bashing'. I know a lot of women that start complaining about husbands the moment they get together - and the author points out that this can be damaging. This is an upbeat book that reminds the reader about how great marriage can be and how to improve on what you have. I think it's absolutely great and I have highly recommended it to all my friends.