Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Heaven Bound: Speed Bumps on the Way to Perfection by Lynn C. Jaynes. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

As many of you know, I'm really don't read very much non-fiction. I want to, and I enjoy it, but I have a short attention span and it can be very hard for me to focus on the author's words long enough to finish any non-fiction book in a timely manner. Now that I've said that, you need to know that I finished this particular book in one day.

This book is great! It's a book, targeted toward women, full of humorous stories, essays and inspiring messages about being better people, achieving goals, and seeking to serve those outside of ourselves. First, she starts the book with an introduction that ties all the following chapters together. The author has three goals for each day (and in the introduction she explains the background) to do something spiritual, something physical, and to do something of service. These are wonderful goals that I am finding to be attainable for myself - and not quite as overwhelming as the endless lists that we feel we must accomplish. Geneology, journals, scriptures, take meals to others, and all other worthy goals that we can sometimes feel we fall short of. This book is a great pep talk! It makes you laugh and not take yourself so seriously while still encouraging you to make your goals for personal development.

My favorite chapter was "Nephi's Psalm". It gave me a lot to think about and since then I've played around with writing "Dayna's Psalm". I think it can help me keep things in perspective. I have to mention, I also think that this would be a fabulous book to suggest for LDS book groups. It's fun, it's light, it has great discussion topics and there is a lot of material that would be easy to converse about.