Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

No More Double Messages by Jeanette Smith. Published by Covenant Communications.

"No More Double Messages" by Jeanette Smith was a pleasant surprise for a talk on tape. I felt it really presented a viewpoint I hadn't thought of before and I have been thinking about it since. In her talk, she addresses a huge problem facing our youth today, that of physical intimacy. Although she says it's important to teach our children to avoid physical intimacy, she says it's much more vitally important to teach them to avoid emotional intimacy, because emotional intimacy will very easily lead into physical intimacy. The idea of our youth being close emotionally, being exclusive in their dating, knowing where the other is at all times, spending hours talking and confiding in each other brings with it a desire to be closer in a physical way too.

What an important point! I had never looked at it that way, but it is entirely true. Many youth never have the intention to get involved physically, but one thing leads to another after emotional closeness develops. Sister Smith teaches how we as parents and leaders of these youth can help them to avoid becoming emotionally intimate. There are many ways we don't realize we as parents and leaders are contributing to the problem. We are sending the youth mixed messages. This is a wonderful resource and great food for thought.