Reviewed by Melanie Lott, Staff Writer

Simplify - A Guide to Caring for the Soul by Carolyn J. Rasmus. Published by Deseret Book.

This is the second book this month that I have read that completely addressed issues I have been struggling with. I am so grateful to Carolyn J. Rasmus for feeling so inspired to write this book that I felt was meant just for me. I have felt very overwhelmed with the responsibilities and busyness of life. Sister Rasmus explains in her book that the act of simplifying our lives is not about being better organized. The book doesn't contain ideas on how to clean your closets better or declutter or rearrange your schedule. Instead, it addresses the spiritual ways we can simplify our lives, ways in which we can completely shift our priorities to reflect the things that are most important to us.

Sister Rasmus takes the word "simplify" and breaks down each letter to form the title of her chapters. They are as follows: Stillness, Integrity, Mercy, Prune, Let Go, Impossible, Fortify, and You. The chapter that meant the most to me was the one about integrity. She explained how we're not leading a life of integrity if our beliefs are not in accordance with our actions. In other words, if we believe in the power of prayer and scripture study, but are not doing it daily in our lives, we feel "pulled apart" and that life is too complicated. If we try to find time in our lives for those things, it will never happen. We must make time for those important things. As I have started to follow much of the counsel in her book, I've found myself getting more things done in a day, having more peace and patience with my children. It's been a wonderful change. I can lie down at night and know I have done the important things.

I could go on about the virtues of this book, but I want to save some insights for you as you read it and allow you to get what you personally need from it. I highly recommend this engaging and thought-provoking book.