Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Fablehaven Book Two: Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull. Published by Shadow Mountain.

In this second book of this magical series, Kendra and Seth are back at Fablehaven, facing new dangers. The Society of the Evening Star seeks to invade and steal ancient artifacts from magical preserves that are of great value. Kendra and Seth find themselves caught in the middle of the latest threat and they may be the only people who can save Fablehaven!!

What an exciting second installment! I really, really, REALLY love this series! It's exciting, it's magical, it teaches great morals, it's suspenseful, it has the classic good against evil themes, and it's wonderful for all ages. At the end, it becomes apparent that there will a Book Three - so I'm thrilled. I have to say, I have a whole library of novels that I happily loan out to anyone who wants to borrow them, but I will not loan out my Fablehaven books. I love them that much. If you enjoy magic and a good adventure, I highly recommend this series.