Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Supersonic Saints: Thrilling Stories from LDS Pilots compiled by John Bythe way. Published by Deseret Book.

If you are a fan of anything that flies - you'll love this book. John Bytheway has had a lifelong fascination with planes. He has turned his love into a book telling 15 different stories of experiences by real pilots. Each story has an illustration of the plane that the pilot had the experience with and current details on the pilot.

What I have gained from reading these stories is a true respect for the training and education that the pilot has to have before they even get up in the air. It is amazing what they have to know and how they need to be prepared to make instant decisions that can affect their own or others lives. This is a fast book to read but it's very interesting. I especially liked how the pilots wove their own testimonies into the experience. I recommend it.