Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Horse Stone House by Harold K. Moon. Published by CFI.

Lydia is shocked and upset when she learns her friend Emmeline has been reading a controversial book from a strange religion. Lydia knows that she could never take such a book seriously, but out of respect for her friend, she reads it. Lydia soon realizes that this strange book will change her life and that of her family - whether they like it or not.

This book is set in nineteenth century England, and is very informative about the cultural beliefs about religion that existed. The author takes the time to develop Lydia's character so that we understand that she is a headstrong woman, full of opinions and convictions, and that her husband respects that. It is an interesting book, and I have wondered what I would do if I were in their position of choosing family, friends, business, country or faith. The book did end a little abruptly - so I am hoping that there will be a second one to completely finish the story. I am curious what happens to Madge. However, even if there isn't another one, this book was an enjoyable read.