Reviewed by McKenzie Stephens, Teen Staff Writer

Time Travelers in Church History: Rescue the Prophet by Rob Ficiur. Published by Covenant Communications Inc.

Because of a mix-up with their time travelers, Tom and Becky are left penniless with no place to go in Palmyra, 1830, instead of safe and sound with their parents in the 21st century. While their Uncle Daniel goes off preaching the gospel with the prophet Joseph Smith, Tom and Becky are left to figure out the solution on their own. With the help of some early church leaders, they have the adventure of a lifetime.

"Time Travelers in Church History: Rescue the Prophet" is a great book. The author, Rob Ficiur, did a wonderful job of describing the setting and the persecution of the saints in those early days. This novel teaches you morals and church facts while taking you on a thrilling adventure. "Rescue the Prophet" is the second in the "Time Travelers" series. Though written as a companion to the first, I think it's great on its own. I have not read the first book but I didn't miss any background as you do with so many other books. Read along with Tom and Becky as you watch this adventure unfold. I highly recommend this book to all ages.