Reviewed by McKenzie Stephens, Teen Staff Writer

Widow's Revenge by K.L. Fogg. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

To Wesley, getting kicked out of school is the least of his worries. Soon, the reason why he's out of school is moving in next door, school bully Dylan Maclean. Wesly also finds out Harrison is more than just a geeky tutor. When things take a turn for the worse, events leave Wesly in the middle of nowhere, with a madwoman (who thinks she's his mother) and with wild animals right outside his door. Wesly has to rely on some unlikely people to escape.

I think Widow's Revenge is a great sequel. This book is the sequel to "Serpent Tide". On it's own, you do miss a lot of background information. The first time I read it - it was hard to understand, what the characters were talking about or who different people were. When I re-read it though, it was easier to understand and I liked it much better.

I have always loved adventure books and this one certainly didn't let me down. It was exciting and thrilling but allowed you time to think about the next part in the story. I was in suspense until the very end! I recommend this book to both boys and girls around 12-16 years old.