Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

52 Weeks of Recipes for Students, Missionaries, and Nervous Cooks by Clark L. and Kathryn H. Kidd. Published by Deseret Book.

The title says "52 Weeks of Recipes" but maybe it should be called "Beginning Cooking 101." There are basically 52 dinner menus. The recipes have a main dish, and either a side dish or a dessert, or on some occasions - both. I think this book would have been great for me when I just went off to college for the first time. The recipes are short, simple and not intimidating at all. With the suggestions of side dishes and dessert, you could learn to make dinner for others with very little fuss. The back Appendix A tells helpful information like, "how to buy and store avocados", and "how to cook bacon". Appendix B tells cooking terms while Appendix C talks about basic cooking equipment. This book truly is for the beginning cook. While the recipes are easy and good, those that have more cooking experience will prefer a different cookbook.