Flying Home

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Flying Home by Rachel Ann Nunes. Published by Shadow Mountain.

Liana Winn has never felt like she belonged. After her parents death when she was four, she came to live with her Aunt's family, but has always had difficulty fitting in. Her distant memories, and inability to allow herself to feel love for others, keeps her at arms length from those she wants to care about. When she meets Austin Walker, circumstances in her life begin to change and she comes to realize that she must make peace with her past.

This story by Rachel Ann Nunes is very different than any of her other books. The plot is more about the finding of oneself, than of romance. I realized when reading this book that there are a few truths presented. One is, the right relationship will provide what one needs when no one else can or has been able to. Sometimes it's one particular person that is needed in one's life. Number two is, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Liana needed to be at a specific point before she was ready to find the answers that she was seeking.

I really enjoyed this book. It gave me things to ponder about, and reason to be grateful for my blessings. I just wish there was more information given about places one could donate to. I had a strong urge to give to others less fortunate when I was done.