Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Please, No Zits! and Other Short Stories for LDS Youth by Anne Bradshaw. Published by GoldenWings.

"Please, No Zits!" is a fun, easy-to-read collection of short stories written primarily for youth. Each story is set in a different place like Scotland, England, Utah and New Jersey and truly appeals to anyone in the world because these issues are universal. Every story is aimed at teaching a variety of morals in a very gentle way, through uplifting messages. The author is very good about letting the reader come to their own conclusions of how the story ends. You walk away thinking, "In that case, would I have done the right thing?"

I recommend this book for the teen in your life. The author truly understands what teenagers are dealing with today. This book gives them an incentive to stand strong and to try and make the right decisions through the emotions of her characters.