Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Project: Organization Quick and Easy Ways to Organize Your Life by Marie Ricks. Published by Shadow Mountain.

Do you dream of being more organized? Do you feel like you are constantly running two steps behind where you should be? Are you fairly clean and organized but know things could run a little more efficiently? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you. It is divided into sections such as, "organize your home", "organize your time", and "organize your family", and inside each section is several two or three page chapters that tell how to quickly streamline a particular area, idea, thing or activity. You can read them in order or you can hop around. All can be accomplished quickly without giving too much time to it.

I love this book! I'm already a fairly organized person, and reading this book has just made me more effective in what I'm already trying to do! It's easy to read, each chapter is short and it makes a lot of sense. An example is the chapter about organizing cleaning supplies. I am constantly buying new cleaning supplies - forever searching for the perfect product. She suggests taking inventory of your supplies, having enough of the same product for both floors of your home, and then labeling them 'upstairs and downstairs'. Sounds simple enough - but I had never thought of it. Instead I carry my supplies from floor to floor, then dig through them all to find I'm out of toilet bowl cleaner. Through this small, quick, change, my life has become a little easier and more organized. I thought this book was very helpful overall. I only wish there was a few chapters on organizing food storage and recipes!