The Unvalentine

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reviewed by McKenzie Stephens, Teen Staff Writer

The Unvalentine by Sam Beeson and Jesse Draper. Published by Shadow Mountain.

'The Unvalentine' is a dark twist on Valentine's Day. It's about Lilly who doesn't believe in love and wish it didn't exist. She is the type of girl who would never wear pink and loves rainy days. All around her, a world that loves Valentine's Day is celebrating, and Lilly is stuck there. She absolutely dreads February. Good thing Ray hates it too! Ray is a boy who unvalentined Lilly. Now they both hate Valentine's Day but do they hate each other?

This book is very funny and I ejoyed it thoroughly. 'The Unvalentine' is made up of a lot of fun poems - it's like a picture book for adults. I think young adults will enjoy it the most. This book is wonderfully illustrated and can be read in about five minutes. Unvalentines are located in the back of the book so that you can give them to all your friends. It is a hilarious book and I would definitely recommend it to young single adults.