As Always, Dave

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

As Always, Dave by Jack Weyland. Published by Deseret Book.

Dave expects his life to proceed as he's planned. He's home from his mission, so now marrying Abbie is next on his list. But he finds out soon after arriving home that Abbie does not have the same plans as Dave does, in fact, she has a new boyfriend and is living and working in New York. Now what?

The world makes single life look very appealing, you can have a career, date who you want, and the world is your oyster. "As Always, Dave" has a very different outlook. Most single members of the church want to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right and settle down to a life of happiness with an eternal companion. Jack Weyland portrays in his usual humorous way, that finding the right partner in life is not very easy, no matter where, or who you are. His characters in this book also learn that sometimes finding what they want in life is a matter of perspective and changing how they look at themselves. "As Always, Dave" is a good book for teenagers and young single adults.