The Final Farewell

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reviewed by Jennifer Wilks, Staff Writer

The Final Farewell by Patricia Wiles. Published by Covenant Communications.

The Final Farewell is a young adult novel and the fourth and final book in the Kevin Kirk Chronicles.

The Kevin Kirk Chronicles are about a teenage boy growing up in Armadillo, Arkansas. He and his family live in his parent’s funeral home, which ends up being a source of a lot of humor throughout the book. For starters, the book opens on a wedding being held in the funeral home, which pulled me immediately into the story.

Even without having read the first three books in the series, I enjoyed The Final Farewell a lot. It wasn’t until after I’d read it that I realized it was part of a series, so this book can stand alone or be read as part of the series equally well.

This is a great book for the teenage and young adult crowd. It is a fun and funny read for adults as well, though. So don’t just give this book to your kids to read — read it along with them! The other books in the series are My Mom’s a Mortician, Funeral Home Evenings, and Early-Morning Cemetery.