Reviewed by McKenzie Stephens, Teen Staff Writer

Stay True: Music for the Young Women's 2008 Theme by Lyndsi Houskeeper. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

I think this CD is very beautiful. The music is based on the 2008 Young Women's theme. The instrumental performances are like the other ones except they don't have any singing. They are beautiful to listen to if you don't want to hear words. Lyndsi Houskeeper, the person who wrote all of these songs, did an amazing job communicating the message. I'm not a big music person but this was understandable and interesting to listen to. The singers are amazing and truly gifted. The musicians in it, all do a fantastic job.

The first track was called "More Like Him". It talks about being more like the Savior and to be steadfast and immovable. "No Greater Joy" is in the perspective of a mother. It shows a mothers love to a child and the importance of mothers. "The Work of His Hands" is about growing from our trials. One line is, "with every hill I climb, the view I find is perfectly grand." It helps you know that you can learn from the hard times to make the good even more wonderful. My favorite is, "That's a Friend". It's about being a true friend. A friend who sticks with you through thick and thin and lifts you up. They help you achieve the best and there's "no contest. No comparing. Pure compassion, Christ-like sharing." There are many more songs on this CD with beautiful messages in each. I would recommend it to all Young Women.