The Crayon Messages

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

The Crayon Messages by Christine Thackeray. Published by Cedar Fort.

When Cath Reed is given her visiting teaching assignment in her new ward, no one expects very much from her. Her companion sleeps all the time and the sisters that they have been assigned to see have always had letter routes. But Cath determines to do her best. She finds that things never turn out how one predicts.

This is a great book about rising beyond expectations in spite of the obstacles. I really enjoyed this story. Sometimes as women, we truly don't understand each other or our motives. I appreciated the author's approach with this book. The main character, Cath, doesn't know what the outcome is going to be from her efforts to visit her sisters - instead of just sending the letter that she's been told to send. It also seems like everything else in her life is falling apart. But Cath tries to find joy in the small things. I think she is an excellent example of perspective. I thought the whole book was a great reminder of the true purpose of visiting teaching, and I hope there will be another story to follow.