Shades of Gray

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Shades of Gray by Pamela Carrington Reid. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

Samara met Adam, an established photographer, years ago on a quiet beach. He introduced her to the tools that could capture the beauty around her, she in turn, introduced him to the gospel. Now, Samara is a promising student of photography, with a steady boyfriend, and a dysfunctional family. Adam's reappearance in her life is a gift, but what does it mean?

What a thought-provoking book. This novel appropriately handles some tougher subjects. Samara has a testimony as a teenager and thinks that it solves all of life's problems. As she gets older, she learns that sometimes her testimony is not the answer to everything and then she's not sure what to do next. "Shades of Gray" is exactly what the name suggests - no black and white answers, just some different levels of thought on different problems. It also touches on the influence and affect we can have on each other's lives. I really liked this book because it was unusual and made me think. I thought I had the ending figured out before I got there - but was very much surprised. I recommend it.