Fool Me Twice

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Fool Me Twice by Stephanie Black. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

Megan O'Connor will do about anything to make her twin sister, Kristen, happy. This time Kristen has asked Megan to pretend to be her, so that she can keep a job and still go on a vacation that she has wanted to go on. Kristen promises that they will both be rich when they are done. But Megan has second thoughts when she meets and becomes friends with some of the people that believe she is Kristen. As time goes on, she learns she has more to worry about then she thought.

'Fool Me Twice' is a suspenseful, mystery story that keeps you guessing until the end. I found it interesting the things that Megan would do to keep both Kristen and her mother happy. It made me wonder if I become someone I'm not in order to keep the peace? I really liked the ending. I found it to be realistic to the storyline and natural consequences to choices that were made in the book. I thought it was a very good book.