Reviewed by Madison Stephens, 12-year-old Staff Writer

The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes by Deborah Pace Rowley. Illustrated by Dan Burr. Published by Deseret Book.

Ten year-old Walter is sad because every young boy and girl in Germany will wake up on Dec.6, St. Nicholas Day, and discover their wooden shoes filled with candy and nuts. But not Walter. His dad is ill and his family is poor. He will have to work and not get the wooden shoes filled. But to his and his family's surprise, his shoes are filled with a little piece of paper containing a bible verse on it.

I thought "The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes" is a thoughtful story with passion and warmth. It really shows the true meaning of the holiday season. This is a great Christmas story but it's lessons can be applied all year long. I recommend this book to all ages.