The Arthurian Omen

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reviewed by Ashley Graff, Staff Writer

The Arthurian Omen by G. G. Vandagriff. Published by Shadow Mountain.

This novel has all the excitement, danger, suspense and action to engage any reader from the get-go. I had not even completed the Prologue and I was caught up in the story. With the premise of proving the existence of Arthur and his round table along with the search for a hidden manuscript, the reader is led through a series of castles and ruined monasteries along with well noted descriptions in the “old language”, making this novel seem almost real, so real it is easy to imagine oneself visualizing this scenic countryside, then making one gasp and cringe at the danger presented as the heroine struggles to uncover the mystery only hinted at by her sister. After a long estrangement, the heroine is so excited to hear from her sister with an invitation to help solve this mystery, only to arrive in Great Britain to learn her sister has been murdered. From this point on, the suspense only builds ones eagerness to read on, and on, and on until the end is reached and the mystery solved.

The legend of Arthur and his Round table has served as the basis of many novels. However, the manner in which the author approached this topic is not only unusual but very engaging by its unusual character. To think of the possibility of a manuscript which would not only prove Arthur’s existence, but one that would also serve to arouse the people of Wales to rise against England was indeed intriguing. Without a real understanding of the history of Wales and Great Britain, it can still provoke one’s imagination to the point it is hard to put the book down. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would certainly like to read more from this author.