Reviewed by Ashley Graff, Staff Writer

The Hometown Weekly: Good News for a Change by Bruce Lindsay. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

The premise for this book seems to be “good news” rather than negative news about the imaginary town or Parley Grove. The bits of news are mostly amusing and the same characters interspersed throughout the book, making one feel almost as if hearing about a neighborhood or community such as could be found locally without the requirement of a huge LDS community though church activities and membership play a major role. This type of community could be found anywhere as members of the church are generally active in whatever community they live and influence all those they come in contact with.

I did find it rather hard to really get into this book. While being very light reading as well as a “quick” read, there was really very little to excite my imagination or hold my attention for more than a few minutes at a time. This would serve well as a book one could carry along for appointments where only a few minutes at a time could be devoted to it. In this context only did it serve as entertainment for me. For a few minutes at a time, I enjoyed the tidbits offered but soon became disinterested and lay the book aside. As I did housework, rested for a few moments or carried along in my purse to read while waiting for an appointment, it served to lighten my mood and make the moments devoted to it a little more pleasant.