Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Promises to Keep - Diane's Story by Dean Hughes. Published by Deseret Book.

In Dean Hughes's series, 'Hearts of the Children', Diane and her young daughter Jenny, left her abusive husband, Greg, to find a better life. In 'Promises to Keep' we find Diane, now in her late 30's, stuggling with Jenny's desire for independence. Jenny believes that her father, Greg, offers her a more appealing life than the one she has been living with her mother. Diane needs to find out for herself what direction her happiness lies in, and how to calm the conflict with her daughter.

I am always glad to have a conclusion to any story. Diane's story definitely felt unfinished in the 'Hearts of the Children' series so it is nice to have her character feel complete. That being said, I felt like this book lacked a lot of the momentum of the 'Hearts of the Children' series. It was a good book, and I do recommend reading it if you are a fan of the previous books, but I'm not sure I would like it at all if I hadn't read the other books. However, it is entertaining and makes the series finally feel finished.