Saturday, May 02, 2009

Reviewed by Teri Graff, LDSFiles.com Staff Writer

Epicenter by Sonia O'Brien. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

In Epicenter, the author manages to provide several different stories within one in a remarkable manner by enlarging each scene with its own set of heroes, suspense, and success while at the same time weaving each set of individuals together to achieve one cohesive tale of trauma, danger, heroic achievements and tragedy. As she provides each scene with information tying it to other scenes, yet still separating each nearly completely until the end, the reader is led through the horrors of being trapped in an earthquake with all the nearly inescapable odds for survival. As we witness these types of scenes through news reports, this tale is very believable and it is difficult to put the book aside at many points in the tale as one becomes anxious to learn the outcome.

As McKenna Bradford finds herself in danger as she fulfills an assignment by her father to meet with a client in the Lincoln Tower in Los Angeles, she manages to survive an earthquake, trapping her with others at the very top of this building. She learns she is in danger from a killer, but becomes confused as to which man is really the killer as one confesses to the crime but then is told it was really another and the suspense builds as she carefully eludes the danger time and again, only to find the killer lurking at unexpected points as she struggles to escape. Some of the characters are trapped beneath the building in the parking garage while others are trapped in an elevator with a pregnant woman who gives birth and they need to exit before it crashes to the bottom of the tower. In the end, the friends are mostly reunited but tragedy is interwoven through the tale with sensitivity and courage displayed.