Reviewed by Dayna Davis, Staff Writer

Shelter From the Storm by Anita Stansfield. Published by Covenant Communications, Inc.

Life is going great for Jayson Wolfe. He is happily married to his lifelong love, Elizabeth, has wonderful children, and is actively serving in the Church. After some spiritual and physical promptings - he hesitantly begins work on a new cd, praying that the inspiration for it will come. Jayson is happy and at peace until a situation appears that makes his question his own worth.

One knows what they are getting when they read an Anita Stansfield book. That is, a good book filled with romance and interesting characters. As the fourth volume in the Jayson Wolfe novels, this story continues where it left off in the third one. Out of the entire series, I did find this one the hardest to get into - and I wasn't sure quite where it was going through the whole book. But then, when we got to the climax, it was never completely resolved, so I'm guessing that this book isn't the end of the Jayson Wolfe saga. However, I am very caught up in Jayson Wolfe, his story and his family so I'm interested to find out what happens next.