One Last Chance

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reviewed by Teri Graff, Staff Writer

One Last Chance by Jerry Borrowman. Published by Covenant Communication, Inc.

This book was intriguing with the backdrop of what are now antique automobiles. Top it all off with the warmth of a “one last chance” for a boy, not bad at heart but with challenges that could have defeated him, leaving him without much chance for a rewarding future. However, after difficult circumstances resolved with good intentions, then true warmth and affection of an elderly widow and her mechanic/chauffeur/trusted friend, Ray, the boy blossoms into a young man with much potential. Even with negative attitudes from many people, judgemental comments and accusations, there were others who tried to encourage the boy and truly gave him encouragement. That part of the story was very heartwarming. The story itself encourages the reader to remember that there are caring individuals who are willing to take a chance and help those held down by circumstances beyond their control to achieve their potential. I like to think we all have chances throughout life to encourage those around us.

Though never personally interested in cars in any way except to use as transportation, I found myself drawn into the excitement of an automobile race, truly enjoying the descriptions of the cars, as well as learning a little history about them.