Devil's Food Cake

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reviewed by Teri Graff, Staff Writer
Devil's Food Cake by Josi S. Kilpack. Published by Deseret Book.

Devil’s Food Cake is full of twists and turns, a mystery full of delightful recipes with the possibility of romance not quite realized but titillating at the same time. The plot is surprising at every turn and quite delightful with an endearing character who seems to get herself into unexpected and at times dangerous situations due to her curiosity as well as righteous indignation at not being taken serious by local authorities or her “boyfriend” who had for the first time labeled himself as that to her. Both had lost their first companions - Sadie was ready to move on, her “boyfriend” detective Pete Cunningham, was more cautious, possibly reluctant, to admit his feelings and adding to her frustration.

The book is unique in the various recipes tied into the plot, some of which I have actually tried successfully, which added to my enjoyment of the story, being a confirmed chocoholic myself. I found the story as well as the characters well developed and an easy read.