Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reviewed by Teri Graff, LDSFiles.com Staff Writer
Jayhawk by Dorothy Keddington. Published by Granite Publishing and Distribution.

Dorothy Keddington has an amazing ability to bring the wonders of the Wyoming natural surroundings and creatures to life in a way one can almost see the colors and experience the smells of the areas where this story is centered. I love the way she instills all the wonders of this area without detracting from the story itself. She is able to express the wonder one must feel upon experiencing these wondrous scenes. She is able to weave a story of family discordance, family loyalty, family deception – add a friend who is unfamiliar with the location as well as the strains within the family, then weave into the story a member of the family who is unwelcome by most of the family but very attracted to and by this friend who is visiting.

Enter Angela Stewart, a city girl, who arrives a day early only to find a town shut down for the night and on the misconception the ranch was just a short distance from the town starts walking with her suitcases. Enter Jay Bradford barreling down toward her startling her in a pickup, then rescues her and takes her to the Triple J ranch. On the way they are shot at and he finds himself confiding in her a strange and dangerous story. The novel develops the characters of the family and the suspense and danger surrounding Jay and his family with such agility one is caught up in the story and hangs on every twist and turn. There is heartache and danger as we find a member of the family who is the perpetrator of a shocking death and deception regarding another member of the family. Add the romance that develops between Jay and Angela and you have a delightful story. I have now read it twice in a row and enjoyed it even more the 2nd time.